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Car Hire in Argentina

Car Hire in Argentina

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Rent a Car in Buenos Aires

Rent a Car in Buenos Aires

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Car Rental in Argentina

Car Rental in Argentina

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Frequently asked questions

Which are the requirements to rent a car?

  • Valid driver's license from the origin country.
  • National identity document or valid passport.
  • Minimum age: 21 years.
  • Minimum rental: 24 hours.
  • Credit card to cover franchises.

How does the booking process work?

  • You can make your booking through our website or by contacting our call center +5411 4796-5656. After making your reservation will be emailed with its number.

Do I have to be the holder of the credit card to rent a car?

  • It is not necessary. Another person may provide the credit card and shown as the guarantor of the contract. In case that the amount of the card fails to cover the whole franchise, please ask us about how to operate.Click here to inquire about insurance and coverage in the section of services and rental conditions.

What does the prices include and how can I pay for the services?

  • Aki Rent a Car prices are expressed in Argentine Pesos. They include taxes and insurance.
  • Payment is in cash, you may pay with Argentinean pesos, euros or dollars.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice.

Can I ask to deliver me the vehicle in a specific place?

  • They will take place at our offices during business hours: Monday to Friday from 9-18 pm. Saturdays from 9-13 pm.
  • Micro and macro center (hotels, residence and businesses).
  • Delivery in cerrito 270 branch: CONSULT.
  • Delivery in other destinations: CONSULT.

Deliveries and returns with extra charge

  • Charge outside business hours Monday to Friday from 19 hs. to 23 hours. and from 23 HS. to 08 p.m.: CONSULT
  • Charge outside working hours Saturday from 14hs. to 19 hs. and from 20 hours. to 8 p.m.: CONSULT
  • Non-working day charge Sundays and holidays: CONSULT

Can I extend my rental contract?

  • If you want to extend the rental contract you must notify at least 48 hours. before its completion. If so, Aki Rent a Car will send you a written authorization.
  • When there is already a reservation in advance on that vehicle, Aki rent-a-car reserves the right of prolongation of the same.
  • Contract extensions are free of charge.

Is there any additional information that should be considered?

  • Reservations may be attended with cars in the same category or, in case of unavailability you will be given a superior vehicle.
  • Any reservation request is valid without confirmation of Aki Rent a Car by booking number.
  • Booking cancellation will have a penalty of 20% of the rental value.
  • After the expiry of the scheduled delivery of the vehicle, the reservation will be maintained for 1 (one) additional hour.
  • In case of theft, fire and / or collision, the customer must make a police complaint within a period not exceeding 48 hours of the occurence of the fact
  • The vehicle is delivered clean and with fuel, so that the refund must be made in the same way. Otherwise, we will charge Refueling and / or washing to the price set by Aki Rent a Car
  • The rented vehicle can only be driven by the rental contract holder, or whoever he designate (as long as he/she has a valid driver's license and be over 21 years).
  • The daily rate includes the rental of the vehicle for a period of 24 hours, with 1 (one) hour of tolerance for its return.
  • After the hour of tolerance will be charged half a day's rental. Exceeded the 5 hours, will be charged a full day rental and so every 5 hours delay in return.
  • Valid driver's license from the origin country of the person.
  • National identity document or valid passport.
  • Minimum age: 21 years.
  • Minimum rental: 24 hours.

Will they block my credit card?

  • Yes, to cover vehicle franchise according to the corresponding category.
  • Inform yourself about conditions and requirements.

What do I have to do in case of accidents?

  • In case of theft, fire and / or collision, You should inmediately contact with Aki Rent a Car to the following number: +5411 4796-5656 and make a police complaint within a period not exceeding 48 hours of the occurence of the fact
  • It is not allow to repair the vehicle without previously obtaining permission from the company.

What happens if I return the car before or after the agreed time or day?

  • The late return of the vehicle can affect the price of rent. Please inform yourself about rental conditions.
  • Remember that the car insurance is only valid for the period of time set in the rental contract.
  • In no case the amount paid will be refunded if you return the car before the expected time or day.

Do I have to return the car clean?

  • Yes, in this way it does not generate any additional costs, otherwise you must pay the washing cost and an extra charge for the service
  • Extra charge for simple washing: $ 100 AR
  • Extra charge for special cleaning: $ 200 AR
  • Extra charge for Inside laundry: $ 600 AR

Can I drive the vehicle if I am not allowed in the contract?

  • It is compulsary to be registrated in the contract, otherwise the coverage gets lost.

With how much fuel I must return the car?

  • Usually, vehicles are delivered with the full tank and also returned with the full tank.
  • You have to return the vehicle with the same fuel as you received it, if you return it with less fuel than when you received it you must pay the cost of fuel and an extra charge for the service.

Is there a minimum period for renting a car?

  • Yes. The minimum rental period is 24 hours

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