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We make personalized agreements with companies that choose the modality of long-term rented vehicles or frequent rentals. Immediate replacement of the unit for services, damages or accidents.

Corporate Attention

Make, modify and cancel reservations at any time by contacting our dedicated customer service team for corporate clients. Reduce costs and gain organization.

Aki Rent a Car we offer a corporate fleet rental service designed and developed to provide companies with the most economical way of acquiring, renovating and maintaining a fleet of cars and trucks.

Affordable business rental prevents your company from immobilizing capital in vehicles and their maintenance. In addition, since rent is an expense for your company, VAT becomes a tax credit in your favor.

Renting a corporate fleet in Aki Rent a Car leaves the high cost of car insurance at our expense, which frees up your creditworthiness, keeping your usual lines of credit intact.

If you want to rent a car for a year, for 6 months or just a month, in Aki Rent a Car we are totally flexible. Business car rental is a rental period that exceeds 30 days. You have total flexibility and can adjust the rental period according to the needs of your company.

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Car Rental simply and quickly.

About Us

Aki Rent a Car is a company that managed to impose itself in the car rental business, with the premise of providing the best service and customer service.


Our rates are among the competitive on the market, we offer you an economical price. The best part? We take the car to you wherever you are!

We are at your disposal

We would love to help you and advise you on the car rental service in Buenos Aires. You can communicate by phone, WhatsApp or from the site.

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