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We offer Car Rental service in Retiro

For tourist, temporary or recreational use, reserving a rental car in Retiro is easy with Aki Rent a Car. We bring you the car to the address in Retiro that you give us when you complete the reservation form along with the best rates so that you can book safely.

Alquiler de Autos Retiro

Retiro is an official neighborhood of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires that is located in Commune 1. The neighborhood includes an office area bordering the area known as the City, the financial center of Buenos Aires, and another with a markedly residential profile with buildings upscale that is often considered part of the informal Barrio Norte. However, also within the formal limits of Retiro is Villa 31, one of the largest precarious settlements in Buenos Aires, spread over railway and port lands.

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Frequently asked questions about

Car Rentals in Retiro


How much does it cost to rent a car in Retiro?

To provide you with an accurate car rental quote in Retiro need you to indicate the dates that include the rental period and the type of vehicle that best suits your needs. You can request your Rent a Car quote in Retiro from our website or by WhatsApp communicating at +5491166445656 and we will gladly send you the best quote you can find.

How do I book the car rental service in Retiro?

It's very simple and fast. In the same car rental quote in Retiro that we send you, when you click on Request Reservation , you will automatically receive another email with the details of the reservation and the access so that you can enter to complete the reservation form. Once completed, you will receive a car rental reservation number in Retiro and it will already be confirmed.

Where do you deliver the rental car in Retiro?

When you request the car rental service in Retiro the vehicle will be delivered in the address that you gave us in the reservation form. An attendee from Aki Rent a Car will be present with The vehicle will be checked and the fuel level and possible damages that it may have will be stated in the contract. The rental contract must be signed accordingly after having followed these steps. To speed up the process, we recommend having your ID or Passport, driver's license and the credit card that will cover the vehicle's excess at hand.

What do I need to drive a rental car in Retiro?

The rented vehicle from Aki Rent a Car in Retiro It has all the necessary documentation that the traffic law requires for you to circulate freely within Argentine territory. At the time of delivery of the vehicle we will leave you a copy of the rental contract along with the green card and the proof of mandatory insurance in force. All our vehicles have beacons, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, fireproof vest, auto parts engraving wafer (RPVA) and Vehicle Technical Verification (VTV) if required.

What are the in Retiro Car rental requirements?

The requirements for car rental in Retiro They are: being over 21 years old, having a valid driver's license from the country of origin, proving identity with ID or Passport and providing a credit card to cover the vehicle insurance franchise. If you do not have a credit card or do not have said amount to cover the corresponding franchise, we will accept the credit card of a third party, but this must be present at the time of signing the contract. We do not rent cars without a credit card and we do not accept to cover the excess in cash under any circumstances.

What information should I take into account for car rental in Retiro?

The rented vehicle may only be driven by authorized drivers with a valid driver's license listed in the contract. In this way, the insurance company will cover any possible accident or unforeseen event that may happen. Remember that there may be a maximum of three (3) authorized drivers and that adding them does not generate any cost. The vehicle will be delivered freshly washed and the level of fuel it has will be highlighted in the contract. The rental car must be returned in the same conditions, otherwise, 6000 AR $ for washing and missing fuel.

How and when do I pay for the car rental service in Retiro?

The payment of the service of a rental car in Retiro It can be done both in cash and with a debit or credit card. It will take place at the time the vehicle is delivered and the rental contract is signed. In the quote we will send you the corresponding amount for the different means of payment and when completing the reservation form you must choose the method of payment of the rent.

Why hire the car rental service in Retiro from Aki Rent a Car?

Because you found us and we want to be your car rental. The good condition of the vehicles and our attractive prices will help you make the decision. We strive to make the car rental process simpler, clearer and more agile Retiro. Your time is the most important thing, that's why we value it. Generate your reservation in Aki Rent a Car and feel accompanied.

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