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The Chevrolet Classic sedan features interesting improvements in the driving position. It is powered by 1.4 engine with 92 HP of power. It should also be noted the smoothness of its gear changes and the successful soundproofing. It is a comfortable and very pleasant car to drive, which maintains the great attributes in terms of solidity, reliability and fuel economy.

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5 Passengers

4 Bags

4 Doors

Engine 1.4








Frequently asked questions about renting a

Chevrolet Classic


How many people can travel in a Chevrolet Classic?

The Chevrolet Classic has 5 seats and all with seat belts so that the 5 passengers can travel comfortably.

Is it safe to travel in a Chevrolet Classic?

Yes. the Chevrolet Classic has a seat belt for all 5 and has ABS brakes with EBD and Airbags.

What are the requirements to rent a Chevrolet Classic?

To rent a Chevrolet Classic or any other vehicle in our car rental fleet, the requirements are the same. Be over 21 years old, have a valid drivers license from the country of origin and a credit card to cover the vehicle insurance excess.

What is the insurance excess for a Chevrolet Classic?

The franchise for a Chevrolet Classic is AR$ 20.000 with a credit card. This means that in the event that the vehicle suffers damage, you will be liable up to that amount. If the value of the repair exceeds the amount of the excess, the insurance company covers the rest.

What equipment and engine does a Chevrolet Classic have?

The Chevrolet Classic has a engine 1.4 gasoline with manual transmission, direction assisted, ABS brakes with EBD and airbags. It also has air conditioned stereo with radio AM FM USB and bluetooth connection for hands-free calls and that you can play music from your smartphone.

How much does it cost to rent a Chevrolet Classic?

To give you an exact quote, we need you to provide us with the date of the rental period you need. You can request a quote for a Chevrolet Classic from our Aki Rent a Car website, call us at +541166445656 or send us a +5491166445656.

The rental Chevrolet Classic have a mileage limit?

No. When you request a quote for a Chevrolet Classic or any other vehicle in our fleet, we will send you the budget with the option of limited mileage and free mileage so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Can I drive a rental Chevrolet Classic outside of Argentina?

All our car rental vehicles are authorized to circulate throughout the Argentine territory, it is not possible to drive outside of Argentina with a rental Chevrolet Classic.

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